Plantar Fasciitis Exercises To Get Rid Of Heel Pain

There are several kinds of treatment for plantar fasciitis, but most of the cases are cured by exercising. You cannot use heavy exercise, but few light stretches under the supervision will help to release the pain. Following are a few such stretching exercises described in detail. Stretching using towel:  First you need to sit on a hard and plain surface. Stretch your front legs in front of you. Now take a towel and circle it around the toe of your affected foot and pull it in the body direction. You need to keep in mind that the knee should be as straight as possible. You may hold for thirty odd seconds in this position and then repeat this stretching after a few seconds for at least three more times.

As soon as you are comfortable with this stretch, then you may go for the next one. There is several other stretching like calf stretching on standing position. Stretching of Plantar fascia tissue is also very much required to heal the inflammation quickly. You just need to stand and keep your affected foot on a stair. Then stretch the affected area so that you feel the tension around the curvature of your foot. There is another simple exercise that will help you out. Keep chilled soft drinks can lying on the floor and roll it using the curve area of your affected foot for 30 seconds. If you can regularly follow these exercises and do them religiously then within three to six weeks there will be no pain.


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